Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Trampolines and animals

The next day we all headed out to the zoo.

Giant fish!

Us with Aunt Emily!

So all the kids climbed up on the big lion statues and Lizzy just headed right on over to the tiny cub. Just her size! She did not want to get off.

 Big fat hippos

This was the best picture we could get with Grandma

I still hear about how much Bella misses Aunt Emily's trampoline.

Lizzy only like it when the sprinkler was not on.

My nephew Matt was seriously so awesome. He played with Bella all the time. She just adored him and followed him everywhere.



Wrestling and bowling

This is what my girls do for a good portion of the'd be surprised how often the little one wins.

The girls and I got to go to Aunt Emily's in Washington to see my nephew Matt get baptized. Daddy had to stay home and work but they did let him come hang at the gate with us.

I was also fortunate enough to have my brother-in-law's parents on our flight and they were a huge help.

Our first afternoon there we all went bowling. It was my girls' first time and they thought it was awesome.

Lizzy could have carried that ball and rolled it down the ramp all day long.

That's Lizzy there in the lead.



Month of Awesome Part 2

Here are a few pictures from our time with Grandma Santos

Bella was so excited for Grandma to finally teach her how to Hula! And surprise! Grandma brought her a hula outfit from Hawaii.

Waking up Aunty Ke'ala with a body slam was definitely a highlight. 

We also got to fix Lizzy's blankie. This blankie was actually J.J.'s as a baby but the blue lining was replaced with pink after he grew up. Lizzy carries it everywhere and the lining was starting to come off. So Grandma helped us replace it.



We also ate a lot of ice cream

Sleeping (She totally crashed on the bench at church one week. She never sleeps at church)

And you have to go swimming in the summer

Bella had been begging to go hiking so we took advantage of Daddy's day off. This is the view from the bottom.

It turned out to be much steeper than we expected and Lizzy wasn't wanting to walk much so we took lots of water breaks.

Made it to the top!

Awesome view

Tired jellybean

Waterfall from the top

The top stretch was so steep they had rubber grips along the trail.

Bella toughed her way through the whole thing.

Bella was NOT happy that Daddy made her stand on the rock by the waterfall.