Friday, September 12, 2014

Donut bribe

This is how I get through grocery shopping...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Family Pictures

Yesterday we finally got the chance to take some new family pictures. It was exhausting since I took them myself. And we had a beautiful location though to get there, as Bella put it, "Taking family pictures was like hiking."

We got some great ones though and I was happier this year than last.

I feel like I captured the girls' personalities this year which was fun. Bella just goofy, and our oh so every mischievous Lizzy,

Oh how I love these girls

And this is generally how things are...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


My good friend is always doing these regular posts about her kids and I decided I wanted to do one for each of my kids so I can remember all the cute things about them at this age. I figure today is a good day to remember why I love her so much since Bella was particularly naughty. :)

Bella. is. crazy. This girl has so much energy I just have no idea how to keep up with her. She just goes and goes all day long. She wants to be in charge of everything. She literally tells everyone what to do all day long.

She can be so sweet when she wants to be. When I'm having a rough day and getting overly frustrated with the girls she'll just lean over and say "Mommy." When I tensely answer "What..." She'll just say "I love you. You're the best mommy." She's knows it will calm me down.
And when she's not screaming at her sister for touching her stuff, she's giving her hugs and telling her everything's ok. Or sometimes just bring Lizzy her blankie just because.

She wants so badly to be independent.  She can do everything "herself", but then gets super frustrated when she realizes that she can not, in fact, do everything herself.

She is super smart. She can remember things after being told only one time (like new book titles, nursery rhymes, etc.). She memorizes songs like nobody's business. She is getting really good at writing all her letters, and has tons of fun doing it. She absolutely can't wait to go to preschool and is a big fan of her dance class. She tries super hard and asks every day if we're going to dance.

She has such a sweet sweet spirit. She loves telling me what she learned about in nursery every Sunday whether it's the prophet or Jesus. She asks every day if we're having Family Home Evening and reminds us to read scriptures and say prayer every night.

Her favorite things to do are ride her bike outside, play with water, chalk, and go to parks. She loves the swimming pool and the splash pad and is mostly fearless, though not as fearless as her sister. She likes getting books at the library every week and playing games.

We absolutely love our little monkey to death. She drives me up the wall with her sassiness most days but I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Declaring herself the winner for finishing her ice first...

Quotes from lately:
"Mommy, Daddy has a bigger tummy than a gorilla and a monkey."
"I can't wait till I can drive."
"I'm gonna be a cowgirl when I grow up. So I need a hat, a horsie, and some boots,"

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Parade with the cousins

More from Vancouver

Baptism day

Electric Scooters are awesome

Dancing Queen

So this is out of order but I had to post it. Last Tuesday Isabella started her first dance class! She was so excited and had been talking about it for weeks. We went a few days before and got her dancing clothes and she showed them to everyone. She had a blast and has asked me every day since then if we had dance that day.

Lizzy was super sad that she didn't get to go. I ended up not being able to stay and watch for more than ten minutes because Lizzy had a complete meltdown. So we went home and had a dance party instead.

This may be my all time favorite picture of her.

A couple picture through the glass

 And this is how sad Lizzy was to not be able to join in. When she wouldn't let me put her in the car I just set her on the sidewalk...and took a picture. It still totally breaks my heart to look at that face. I've never seen her that sad.

And a little video